Thursday, August 13, 2009

Music for my loyal viewers

Gentlefolk and merry people!

Bookmark this page for it will be here, nigh unto the dying of the planet.

As promised here are links for downloading any and all songs 'composed' by me.

All files are hosted in my public dropbox folder. Dropbox is a kick ass little program that allows for free online storage. Default is 2 gigs, or you can pay for 50+ if you're interested.

Use this link to sign up for an additional 250mb of space.




Robot Trombones


War Chorus

War Chorus (fast and scratchy version)

Slide Keys

Sonic Emulsion

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jealosy does not become us...

I am writing this from my office. I am in here, locked away from the rest of the house because the wife wanted to have a friend over to watch a movie.

The friend is recently seperated so I was told that I could not stay and watch it with them. The friend is also a cute blonde girl who just got out of a marriage. She's cute, single and vulnerable and I am sitting up in my office.

To make it worse the DVD player downstairs was acting up so they watched the movie upstairs, in our bedroom, in our bed. With beers.

So while I am sitting her clacking on my 6 year old keyboard with naught for company my wife is drinking beer in bed with a cute blonde girl.