Friday, July 25, 2008

Ten ways to unfuck your life

I really need to get around to axeing the motivational crap out of my stumbleupon profile but until then I will put out a list myself. Enjoy it.

1) Eat a turkey sandwich - Tryptophan
2) Clip your nails outside - Less cleanup
3) Get some sunshine - Even if you're not an 'outdoor' type you are still a biological human and sunshine is part of your natural environment. Combine with #4 for added bonus.
4) Get some exercise - You will feel better and paradoxically more energetic if you stick with it.
5) Put down the porn for a while - If you're married or dating pay some attention to that person. If you're single it'll max out your energy which will make 3&4 all the more satisfying.
6) Read something inspiring - Try this, or this, or this, or this.
7) Do something 'wrong' on purpose - I don't mean drop kick a baby or poke a badger with a spoon. Everyone has a set of beliefs for life and they may or may not be working out. Try something counter intuitive.
8) Destroy a movie, a poem or a story - By that I mean pick it apart, piece by piece, and try to figure out how wrong it is. Don't ask me why but this will help you feel better. It might be a good idea to start here.
9) Look at a baby, some part of your soul will appreciate it.
10) Find something to laugh at. If it has to be your friend or neighbor, so be it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I am going to do something morally ambiguous. I am counting the activity accrued on the honeymoon (only certain activities) even though I can only make a weak case for it.

Consider 7 days in vegas with an hour or more of walking the strip each and every day. Wednesday we hiked in the grand canyon so I am putting that down with the rest of the week's trips.

Call it 3 hours hiking and 12 hours walking for the week. I am quite sure I burned more but I am not about to quantify the energy expenditure of marital congress. My wife would kill me. She reads this sometimes you know.

So for the week we get:

Walking - 3897.81
Hiking - 2126.08

Total for the week: 6024 or 6.02 Mc

Added to last week we get a respectable.

Last week, we ended up with. 07/19/2008, 247lbs, 34.28Mc

Today, after 2 additional sessions I can amend this count.

Monday: 1.02 Mc
Thursday: .93 Mc

07/24/2008, 245lbs (weight's been jumping around, I know) 36.23Mc

Oh and I think I have decided to quit swimming but I am not positive of that.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gettting behind only on reporting...

I know i have been out of it for a while but I have NOT been out of the gym.

Today was an average day, 100 calories on the bike, 830 on the elliptical. A sterling .93 MC for the day.

The week has transpired as follows:

Monday - Pool - 1.02Mc
Tuesday - Gym - 1.03 MC
Thursday - Gym - .93 MC

Yes I skipped Wednesday and my swimming on Monday was lackluster, in fact you'll see last week was on the weak side also. Here's the breakdown.

Monday - Gym - .90 Mc
Tuesday - Gym - .87 Mc
Wednesday - Pool - 1.4 Mc
Friday - Pool - 1.4 Mc (same workout, same time, twice in a row, how boring right?)
Saturday - Gym - 1.24Mc (oh yeah)

So the last week report/ending should look like this.

07/05/2008, 247 lbs, 25.28 MC

Today the count stands at 07/10/2008, 245lbs, 28.26Mc

So since May 22nd, 2008 I have burned a grand total of 28,260 food calories at the YMCA.

Today is the 50th day of the regime so if we do a little math we can check out our progress so far.

Average Mc per day = .5652
Average Mc per week = 3.9564
Projected Mc needed per day (from May 22nd 2008 to May 1st 2013) = .554 (rounded up)
Projected Mc needed per week (same dates as above) = 3.876

So we're on target and that's dandy as I can imagine however I am a little concerned for one simple reason. The actual and projected figures are damn close to each other. At the current rate, so far, the project will be completed in 1780/1806 days. Or I could keep going and finish with 1020 Mc by the end.

It will be interesting after the honey moon and flu season take their toll.