Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ah people...

"Today a friend tried to sucker me in with a clip of a girl that turned out to be a tranny. Once I realized what was going on I stopped the vid and went downstairs for a drink. I almost broke my neck when I slipped on a little bottle of lip balm. Now all I can think about is that if I had died they would have found tranny porn on my computer. And probably would have drawn the worst conclusion."

Monday, October 5, 2009


The title of this blog is a contraction of National Novel Writing Month.  Link here.

Without being to quick to describe the challenge it's basically an attempt to write a 50,000 word (minimum) novel starting Nov. 1st and ending when the month ends.

The catch being you're not supposed to start writing UNTIL Nov. 1 so for now all I have is a few rough notes and the opening line:

"The year is 2012 and the war is not going well."

(Yes I stole that from TheoWarner but he stole it from Ben Franklin so it's public domain.)

The story as I imagine it will play out as a series of recorded logs, journal entries, IM conversations and maybe even tweets.  It will essentially be the collections of an unknown or unidentified (yes there's a difference) third party about an individual and his adventures with a certain piece of exotic technology.

It will begin in 2012 and end no more than a few years later and feature all or most of the following.

1) Cornucopia technology
2) Time/Alternate universe travel
3) A strong AI character with limited communication abilities.
4) Gratuitous fantasies involving what I or someone like me would do with a sudden and inordinate amount of access to highly advanced technology.
5) No chase scenes!
6) Kirk Cameron will certainly die
7) FTLC (faster than light communication)

I am envisioning a story that may peter out around 5 thousand words or explode into a whole new and strange territory that will allow me to complete the length requirement.  My only worry is that I will either fall miserably short or shoot too far to actually complete the mother fucker.

Only time will tell.  Until then I will gather my strength and start outlining but until Nov. 1st I will not stray beyond the opening line.  Should be interesting.

Especially since I have no name, title, character development or ending.  I should listen to Peter Watts and make sure I have at least an idea of an ending so I don't get bogged down like hell or just meander around and stop at some point.