Friday, October 31, 2008

Elizabeth Dole: Ol' shrivel lips is up to some nasty tricks.

I thought I would weigh in on one last issue before the election rolls around on Tuesday.

I have heard about a certain negative ad from Elizabeth Dole for some time now but finally got to see it myself last night. Here's a link to the ad in question.

Now both the Charlotte Observer and Huffington post have weighed in on the events, as well as a good number of bloggers.

Here's a snippet from the Charlotte Observer's Fact Check about the ad.


It is true that Hagan attended the fundraiser in question, but the ad is misleading in several ways. The fundraiser was not a secret. The people shown in the news clips were not involved with the fundraiser. And some viewers might be led to believe that the unidentified female voice at the end of the ad is Hagan's.

Now I like primary sources so I figured I'd check out Mrs. Dole's site herself and see if she had made any apologies about the imagined association or the (more egregious) implication that atheists are bad people and not to be trusted. No such luck there. Here's an excerpt:

"Godless Americans PAC?"

Hagan Heads to Boston for Fundraiser in the Home of Leading Anti-Religion Activists

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

[this excerpt contains three terminal paragraphs from the aforementioned article, emphasis mine]

"Kay Hagan is trying to run a campaign in North Carolina that casts her as a moderate but the money that's paying for it is coming from the left-wing fringe of political thought," said Dole Campaign Communications Director Dan McLagan. "You can tell a lot about a person by their friends and these are friends most North Carolinians would not be comfortable having over for dinner."

Hagan's campaign is being largely funded by labor unions intent on ending North Carolina's status as a right to work state, liberal trial lawyers and ultra left wing groups like which is a deeply anti-military organization. Now Hagan has added anti-religion activists from Boston Massachusetts to the list.

"Kay Hagan does not represent the values of this state; she is a Trojan Horse for a long list of wacky left-wing outside groups bent on policies that would horrify most North Carolinians if they knew about it," McLagan said. "This latest revelation of support from anti-religion activists will not sit well with the 90% of state residents who identify with a specific religious faith."
[End excerpt]

Hmmn, so if 10% of North Carolinians like myself, are atheists and 90% are not...then clearly the 90% will be just as bigoted and inflammatory as the cranky old witch trying to keep her spot in the senate. And we all thought that Jesse Helms was a dirty old rag stuffed into the bottleneck of hatred and petty racism. I would argue that for stooping to such a level Senator Dole cannot claim any moral highground over the late Helms.

I have already voted early against Mrs. Elizabeth Dole but perhaps there is one last thing I can accomplish before election day. And if you know me I think you will know what that means...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Natalie is a bad influence on me...self-explanatory.

Oh and despite being sick...


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Regarding Content Quality

It's always nice to get email directly from Google: Consider the thoughtful personal email from my dear friend Kim Scott, one of the sweetest ladies on the WWW.

Dear [Seth],

We understand that the recent economic turmoil has created a lot of
uncertainty in the lives of AdSense publishers. During these difficult
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We're focusing on further developing our product offerings and boosting
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We'll keep driving technological progress, but our best asset will
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Kim Scott

Director AdSense Online Sales & Operations

Did you catch that, lemme quote for you, just for emphasis. "The strength of AdSense lies in the value of the content you bring to user"

So let me take this advice to heart and offer up some sincerely excellent content, just for you Mrs. Kim Malone Scott.
Original Content. Apply filter "Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr" and we get:

(This is why I have 30 dollars of ad revenue for the year.) Thanks Kim!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A fresh slice of Hell for hump day.

Well, dear readership, your humble author has ill news to report.  For the last 48+ hours I have had to endure constant, violent coughing fits, tremendous quantities of evacuated mucus, headaches like calving glaciers and a tinny sort of rasping noise every time I breathe.

Also every few minutes I've been hacking up a bit of green mucus the size and consistency of a lightly boiled egg.  Oh it has been fun, let me just say.  I missed work, spent five hours in bed, cried a little bit after sneezing an ounce of infected phlegm onto my jacket and have consumed industrial quantities of pharmaceuticals.

Lets say 3 Mucinex tabs, half a bottle of dayquil, 4 Tussin' tabs (two green, two red, still haven't woken up from the matrix yet) and a fistful of hall's cherry cough drops.

Four of my last 6 meals have been soup, the most solid thing I have eaten was a piece of chicken and a flit of tendon got stuck in my throat, that was awesome, and my teeth feel hairy and rotten from being in such proximity to cough syrup, green tea and the ubiquitous halls which i am grinding to powder as I type this.

So no, it has not been a good day, perhaps tomorrow will see me in a better light.  Or maybe I'll wake up with cancer or bone lesions or something really fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heaven the Game

So in the course of my day I came across this unfortunate video game title

The video is good and well, very lavish and colorful scenery abounds but I find myself wondering about some of the mechanics. Atheistic inclinations aside, what is there to do in heaven really?

It's supposed to be the reward for accepting Jesus (hopefully a playable character) as one's lord and savior. This is of course a 'representation' of the christian version of heaven. I am not sure they'd let a scantily clad aryan gal run around with clothes on in the islamic version.

But while the lavish visuals certainly paint an impressive landscape the question remains: what the hell are you supposed to do in heaven?

From my understanding the christian heaven is a new creation free from the corruption and conflict that riddles earth, stemming from the unfortunate dietary choices of the first two humans at the behest of a fallen angel in the form of a snake. It is also, at least in theory, a kind of place that once you got there would forbid travel outside, or in the very least back to little ol' earth.

Without conflict, or horrible monsters to fight, disasters to avert or at minimum a horde of angry demons to fight off what could you possibly do in heaven for fun? This applies equally to the game itself and the traditional conception of heaven.

I checked out the designer's website which is as spartan as it is seizure-inducing (at least in firefox) for some answers. I found very little insight besides the obvious mission statement:

Mission: to create interactive games that stimulate Christian spiritual growth.

There are only 4 sections, about, games, mission and contacts.

The GAMES section is blank which would seem to indicate that they've only been working on 'Heaven' for 4 odd years. Curious. I decided to browse over to the contacts section and send out an email to see if they will tell me more about the game itself.

Another curiosity, via some handy google work turned up a page saying that Heaven the game would be released in mid 2005 so the mystery deepens. Update if I ever get a response.

In the meantime CHECK OUT the 'Pearl Gate' it's like a globular Stargate.

I also found the choice of outfit for this "The Saint" character rather intriguing. Check out the Belt Buckle inscribed with the Alpha and Omega symbols. Apparently they like the greek alphabet in heaven.

Bonus for the muslims, technically everything but her hands and face (ignore the cleavage) are covered up. The way she backflips I have a hard time believing that she's a virgin though.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Speaking of the new box...

I have decided to call it..."Octane" and I will tell you why. Eight gigs of RAM, baby. That's why.

If you'll remember Build I, my former primary system, contained the following specs:

147gig Ultra 320 SCSI Raid O array (system)
320gig Sata II (storage)
2.4 Dual Core Athlon 64
2 gigs Crucial Ballistix DDR2 800
Nvidia Geforce 8600 256mb of GDDR3
Microsoft XP 32 bit

The new build is a kluge of Build I with a few addons. The videocard is the same, but the rest of the stuff is either new or imported from another system.

160gb Sata II (windows drive)
500gb Sata II Software Raid 1 (Linux partition)
2.8ghz Dual Core Athlon
8gigs Gskill DDR2 800
Ubuntu 8.04
Microsoft XP

I'm going to post a few of my ups and downs regarding the installation and my brief foray into 64 bit linux as well as the pitfalls and joys I found along the way. For now I am just shaking down the system, making sure it can do everything I need for work, play and my favorite hobby...blagging on the intartubes.

Scribe Fire Test

This is me writing from my shiny new Linux box. I'll keep it nice and short with a little anecdote about the weekend.

So my wife and I got invited to a friend's wedding this past weekend. It was 3 hours away but my wife's friend 'Mary' said we could stay with her. The day before the wedding 'Mary' calls and says that her grandmother died and she won't be around her apartment.

So we call my wife's other friend 'Megan' and ask if we can stay with her. She says that'll be fine. The day OF the wedding she calls us and says we probably can't stay with her because her uncle died that night.

Coincidence? No, my wife and I are in fact angels of death, sent to eliminate the relatives of those nice enough to let us crash their place.

The question then becomes, is there anyone you'd like for us to call and see about staying the night?