Friday, September 7, 2007

Item Zero: Introduction to a new virtual friend. (Day 110)

Well sidle on over you slackers. Its only been a quarter century and you've missed so so much of what's been going on with me. Twenty-five years late!! Only a saint would tolerate such criminal negligence. I know I know. The blog could have been here a little sooner but this isn't about me.

This is about everyone who runs into me. Think about it. What is self but the culmination of countless frictions of other selves. Encountering others, nay merely feigning the embrace of life sculpts the soul like grit in a tumbler spinning and spinning.

Ok that's a hunk of poo and fair warning to all concerned: I will wax extremely verbose at random times.

I like to think of myself as a reasonable person. However my definition of reasonable is not, strictly speaking, the most reasonable one. For example let's consider enlightenment. I think some people believe that all problems can be solved without violence or profanity or any flavor of skulduggery one may learn through life. Well this may be true but I am of the opinion that sometimes its just easier to throw the punch and not worry about who's feelings get hurt in the aftermath.

Almost no one really impresses me. Its a sad fact but people are mostly products of chance. There are a few notable types I would like to mention so as to draw a few beads of interest.

Peter Watts is my current favorite author at this time. After you read some of my posts and feel your soul begin to bubble around the edges head over to and watch it melt like the villain's faces at the end of Indiana Jones I.

Trying to describe or comment on broad swaths of the world give me headaches and its hard to focus because the bigger a situation I try to tackle the more variables I notice that I can't account for and just how complex this motherfucker of a world is and dear god I just noticed how long this sentence is. Stop me when I rant.

Meh. The head aches without narrow focus. This ends so I can pick a fun topic to play with.

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