Friday, September 11, 2009

Being sick sucks

Nothing informative today just a tired little announcement that my entire body has decided to counter the nasty microbe invasion of my throat by repurposing all of my vital organs and systems into squeezing my skull and producing inhuman quantities of mucus. I can speak, barely, and every word hurts like a fistful of caltrops raking around my trachea.

However I am grateful that even my shitty employer based medical insurance covered the visit and the anti-biotics to MURDER AND DESTROY the microbial malcontents for a measley 30 dollars. Thats probably the amount of money I have saved by eating mostly liquid and coffee for the past 72 hours so it all works out well.

If I had gone to the emergency room it would have cost me like 1 grand without insurance and 150 with. Remind me again why universal health care is such a bad idea?

1 comment:

Mary said...

I assume you're feeling better?

It would be so cool if this country had universal health care.