Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Behold the awesome power of google!!!

As you may or may not know from my last post there's a new blog on the tubes. Some might call it presumptive, some might call it lame.

Some might draw inferences about my mental state or sexual preferences but others will just experience the scrotum slapping awesomeness that is...

Brute Finesse

Now a curious component of the new blog was the adsense integration aspect. The actual setup was a snap, someone was kind enough to create a plugin for easy access to adsense and yahoo ads.

However the curious increase in web traffic via my grass roots campaign to tell everyone about the new blog must have trigged some alarms deep in the bowels of google's impressive computational infrastructure.

I logged into my ad account and noticed that in one weekend I had earned QUADRUPLE what this blog had earned in six months. I blame myself. Anyway what impressed me was one of google's identity verification systems.

Basically they had my phone number on file and needed me to dial in a verification code for them. They were even kind enough to provide an option for when to call. This was before work started on monday so I obliged and clicked 'now'

Boy did they mean it. No sooner had my right index finger popped off my mouse the phone rang. It wasn't instantaneous but that kind of response time is why I think robot customer service will put me out of the job someday soon.

Its good to know that at least one company, arguably THE company, is kicking ass and taking names with the kind of precision we should all expect out of our economy. When I read about the sheer magnitude of computation that google wields to such great effect i can only nod my head in approval.

If they ever merge with newegg.com I suspect that the density of awesome would bring a swift end to the world. An awesome end, but a swift one.

Kudos google, and no I don't have a botnet to spam ad clicks or generate new traffic, just the interest and support of my family and friends. And one day, the world!

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