Saturday, April 12, 2008

From the days of yore we recall a quiet sip of sophistication.

Let me tell you a little about my friend Tom.

Tom is the reason I started drinking alcohol in more than passing quantities. Tom taught me to play frisbee golf. Tom and I used to play the 'You sick fuck' game.' One time Tom and I got ripped off our asses and played racquetball.

Tom invented the best drink ever.

Though the original recipe may vary ever so slightly from its contemporary, I care not. For three years or more this has been the canonical "Naughty Brown Cow"

Its name and origin shrouded in mystery, the first recorded consumption of this beverage occurred in the summer of 2002 at an apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina. I remember my first taste being not so much a sensory experience as an epiphany in a glass. I was reticent I admit, something about milk and alcohol being mixed played about my predjudice. Yet I sipped, and I swallowed. It was like a pull from the teat of a holy mammary. Enough words, let me divulge the recipe.

5oz chocolate milk
1oz Silver Rum
1oz Kahlua

Combine milk, rum and kahlua. Shake and server over ice.

One glass of strong juju.

So enjoy this when you can, and tell your friends your mouth wants a ride on the naughty brown cow. It'll tip your opinion to udder delight. In fact it cud be the best liquid on planet earth.

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