Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Too funny to pass up

A quickie anecdote from my day. An office was having printing issues and it's a pretty big place (30+ computers, so it's not huge but it is big for us.) The following happened during the initial part of the call.

Jennifer: Thank you for calling how can we help you?
Me: Hi this is Seth with calling about the printer issue.
Jennifer: Sorry, what was your name?
Me: Seth
Jennifer: Zack?
Me: No, it's Seth. Like Beth with an S...
Jennifer: There's no one named Beth working here.
Me: I'm calling for Carole. She left me a message about the printer.
Jennifer: Oh. Are you a printer repairman?
Me: No, I work for your IT company.
Jennifer: Oh, I didn't know have an IT company. I'll get Carole

Carole: Hey Zack, we actually don't need a printer repair man we called our IT company and they are going to contact us.

What a day. I've been laughing about it on and off for two hours now.

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