Wednesday, April 15, 2009

18in4 is BULLSHIT!!!

You hear me? 18in4 is a scam, a total scam, an utterly vapid attempt to shill people out of their hard earned cash in exchange for false promises and a physical impossibility.

The guy that runs 18in4 is apparently having some success because the mother fucker's ads are showing up on my blag!!!

Let me break down the sheer physical impossibility of this feat:

The Task: Lose 18 lbs of body mass
The Time: 96 hours

Now a guy my size burns roughly 2500 calories per day just to maintain my weight. Over 4 days that adds up to 10,000 calories or a little UNDER 3 pounds of fat even if I ate absolutely nothing.

If you wanted to kill (legitimately) 18 pounds of fat, which is far better to do over the course of a few months instead of days, you would need to burn a NET of 63,000 calories. In 96 hours. That's a freaky ass 656.25 calories PER HOUR for the entire duration assuming no food and no sleep.

For reference during the course of the Gigacalorie project I have burned on average 710 calories per DAY as of day 73 (which incidentally is today) and this has lead to a net weight loss of about 13 pounds.

In order to burn the full 18 lbs you would literally have to be on the treadmill at jogging pace for 96 hours with no food and no sleep and i can't even imagine the collateral damage to your joints, liver, kidneys and sanity by the end of such an evil (though grandiose) plan.

Allow me to reiterate. The 18in4 DIET PLAN IS A PIECE OF SHIT SCAM AND YOU ARE A GULLIBLE ASSHOLE if you fall for it. Yes it's only about 20 bucks but for fuck's sake KEEP YOUR CASH.

But let's consider what would happen if you wanted to lose such an amount of weight in such a short amount of time. While I doubt you could hit the full 18lbs you could probably reasonably burn 3-4 with serious effort and a very limited caloric intake. We're still talking 5 hours of exercise per day or a serious bout of high altitude hiking but that's doable. You could subtract some pounds by lowering the amount of water in your system though that's not safe or really productive (water is weight but it's not something to try and live without.)

All in all the thing to remember about any sort of weight loss endeavor is this: slower pace that you can manage and maintain is always better than a crash diet followed by a rapid weight gain. Progress that lasts is REAL progress and gimmicks that strip away a few pounds in a short amount of time will always revert back to your old self (or worse) unless proper care is taken to maintain your losses.

Don't waste your money on this 18in4 bullshit, get a month of gym membership and make a real change in your life instead.

Or buy a tapeworm.


I did some more digging and wasn't able to find a full break down of the plan but I was able to infer some interesting stuff.

Now I mentioned water as a way to shed some pounds (to no lasting effect) but I neglected to consider FECES as a possible source of neutral poundage as well.

Apparently this is leaning towards one of those detoxifying plans that makes you flush out your intestines and the several pounds of fecal matter contained herein.

So in essence the plan is telling you that by emptying your septic tank you now produce less shit. Brilliant.


hana said...

Hokay, I think you might be wrong. I haven't tried the 18in4 diet but I was researching it, and then came across your blog.

Have you ever watched The Biggest Loser? In the first week, people lose up to 35 pounds. Now I realize that they're probably working out 3 to 4 hours a day, but it just proves that it definitely can be done (without starving yourself and staying up for 96 hours straight exercising). 18in4 might not be totally plausible, but it can be done.

Seth said...


I don't doubt that it's possible to lose 18 pounds in 96 hours however it is NEARLY impossible to lose 18 lbs of fat. If you're getting rid of water, fecal matter or muscle tissue that's easy money.

The point of the article is that it can't and shouldn't be done safely and the whole idea of a diet is supposed to make you healthier. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...


I recently finished the 18in4 diet and lost a lot of weight.

To cut a long story short I've started eating regular food again and low and behold I'm putting on the weight again.

I've now started the Weight Moves diet plan. They say you can lose 28 pounds in 2 weeks but I'd say that might be an exaggeration because there is so much food on the plan.

Otherwise it's a much healthier diet.

Anonymous said...

I have tried it it works not as fast but I have lost 16,1/2 pounds in two weeks now i think that great


Jose said...


I purchased the diet plan and it works if you follow the design. I have done it 2 times in a row and lost 30 pounds in 8 days. Since you drink so much water you do not feel hungry. In my case I noticed that I had a lot more energy.

Today I am starting the maintenance Plan since I still need about 10 pounds to reach my goal. I have tried many Diet Plans and this one works. My wife does not like Vegetables but when she saw my results she tried the Diet Plan also an so far has lost 15 pounds.

The meals are clearly laid out, breakfast is somewhat slim and I don't know how most people would handle that. It is a liquid breakfast with two solid meals for lunch and dinner. You do however have to have the exact foods stated and the amount as it has something to do with the combination of foods. Grapefruit, eggs, celery and tomatoes are an absolute must. If you don't or can't eat these foods then please don't buy the diet plan.

debbie said...

Funny how "James Zeta" always turns up on these blogs when the fact that the 18in4 is a scam.

"Jose" or "James" this diet is a piece of shit, and so is the 'author' who doesn't honor his refund requests.

Anonymous said...

I tried this diet and lost 10 lbs and I haven't put it back on. It was great. Sorry for those that didn't. I really didn't need to lose that much - was just trying to get rid of those last stuborn pounds. Don't knock it until you try it and if it doesn't work may be there is something else wrong that needs looking into.

Anonymous said...

You know i was just reading about this diet i am not going to try it & never would here's why unless you are seriously over weight you should never try to lose weight this quick & if you are please stay safe & maybe visut your doctor & do it the safe way after having my second child 9 yrs ago i was over weight i qas a six 16 & wanted to be back to my normal size 10 so i started taking these slimming tablets thought nothing of it at first within 3 months i was addicted i had went down to a size 8-10 i felt good & i should have stopped there but i didn't 6 wks after that a size 6 was hanging off me ppl were asking if i was ill it wasn't until my mum made me really look at myself that i realized i had a problem i am only 4"11 but i had bones sticking out everywhere my thing is if you lose weight too quick you get stuck to it & you lose more & more i think these diets diet pills are very dangerous after everything i went thru i started having severe chronic anxiety & depression just so i could feel better about myself please listen stick to a healthy diet & exercise regime you will lose weight & stay safe

Gina Diaz said...

You really lost 30 lbs in 8 days? I'm debating if I should try this diet