Friday, April 3, 2009

Short Task is AWESOME!!!

So I came across Short Task the other day and found myself intrigued by the setup. Here's a brief explanation of how it works.

Solvers: get paid small amounts of money for doing relatively small tasks. Bigger tasks, or more tedious tasks, get paid more.

Seekers: Supply tasks to be completed in exchange for money.

Now I did some perusing and there were a lot of .02 and .05 dollar tasks that required bookmarking or voting on certain sites to increase up thumbing and popularity. There were also more that asked for positive reviews on certain sites and organizations.

Solvers: Pay small amounts for small tasks that aren't really compatible with hourly pay structure.

It's kind of like an alternative botnet. Instead of assuming the risks and infrastructure to usurp PC's and then bend them to your will in order to commit click fraud or inflate traffic to a site you just micro-transact the whole thing. It's paid crowdsourcing!

Seems pretty easy but I am a little concerned because the registration page is not at all encrypted so I am hesitant to actually sign up with legit info. Maybe I'll sign up one of my alter egos to take it for a spin.

Update later once I have the opportunity to do it some justice.


Well ho-ly shit, for once my skepticism has failed me. I just spent 5 minutes doing an article for one of the short tasks about posting an article on (on my sock account, since they haven't secured the info page yet) and here's the results.

2.50$ for less than 10 minutes of work. That's what I call a score!

I highly recommend that others take a look and try it out for themselves. It's not a get rich quick scheme BUT for all the out of work people this could be a serious boon for scraping together some quick cash between gigs or just something to supplement with during off hours.

Thumbs up on stumbleupon and high marks via word of mouth. This one's on me, Short Task.

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