Thursday, July 24, 2008


So I am going to do something morally ambiguous. I am counting the activity accrued on the honeymoon (only certain activities) even though I can only make a weak case for it.

Consider 7 days in vegas with an hour or more of walking the strip each and every day. Wednesday we hiked in the grand canyon so I am putting that down with the rest of the week's trips.

Call it 3 hours hiking and 12 hours walking for the week. I am quite sure I burned more but I am not about to quantify the energy expenditure of marital congress. My wife would kill me. She reads this sometimes you know.

So for the week we get:

Walking - 3897.81
Hiking - 2126.08

Total for the week: 6024 or 6.02 Mc

Added to last week we get a respectable.

Last week, we ended up with. 07/19/2008, 247lbs, 34.28Mc

Today, after 2 additional sessions I can amend this count.

Monday: 1.02 Mc
Thursday: .93 Mc

07/24/2008, 245lbs (weight's been jumping around, I know) 36.23Mc

Oh and I think I have decided to quit swimming but I am not positive of that.

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