Friday, July 25, 2008

Ten ways to unfuck your life

I really need to get around to axeing the motivational crap out of my stumbleupon profile but until then I will put out a list myself. Enjoy it.

1) Eat a turkey sandwich - Tryptophan
2) Clip your nails outside - Less cleanup
3) Get some sunshine - Even if you're not an 'outdoor' type you are still a biological human and sunshine is part of your natural environment. Combine with #4 for added bonus.
4) Get some exercise - You will feel better and paradoxically more energetic if you stick with it.
5) Put down the porn for a while - If you're married or dating pay some attention to that person. If you're single it'll max out your energy which will make 3&4 all the more satisfying.
6) Read something inspiring - Try this, or this, or this, or this.
7) Do something 'wrong' on purpose - I don't mean drop kick a baby or poke a badger with a spoon. Everyone has a set of beliefs for life and they may or may not be working out. Try something counter intuitive.
8) Destroy a movie, a poem or a story - By that I mean pick it apart, piece by piece, and try to figure out how wrong it is. Don't ask me why but this will help you feel better. It might be a good idea to start here.
9) Look at a baby, some part of your soul will appreciate it.
10) Find something to laugh at. If it has to be your friend or neighbor, so be it.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this.