Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gettting behind only on reporting...

I know i have been out of it for a while but I have NOT been out of the gym.

Today was an average day, 100 calories on the bike, 830 on the elliptical. A sterling .93 MC for the day.

The week has transpired as follows:

Monday - Pool - 1.02Mc
Tuesday - Gym - 1.03 MC
Thursday - Gym - .93 MC

Yes I skipped Wednesday and my swimming on Monday was lackluster, in fact you'll see last week was on the weak side also. Here's the breakdown.

Monday - Gym - .90 Mc
Tuesday - Gym - .87 Mc
Wednesday - Pool - 1.4 Mc
Friday - Pool - 1.4 Mc (same workout, same time, twice in a row, how boring right?)
Saturday - Gym - 1.24Mc (oh yeah)

So the last week report/ending should look like this.

07/05/2008, 247 lbs, 25.28 MC

Today the count stands at 07/10/2008, 245lbs, 28.26Mc

So since May 22nd, 2008 I have burned a grand total of 28,260 food calories at the YMCA.

Today is the 50th day of the regime so if we do a little math we can check out our progress so far.

Average Mc per day = .5652
Average Mc per week = 3.9564
Projected Mc needed per day (from May 22nd 2008 to May 1st 2013) = .554 (rounded up)
Projected Mc needed per week (same dates as above) = 3.876

So we're on target and that's dandy as I can imagine however I am a little concerned for one simple reason. The actual and projected figures are damn close to each other. At the current rate, so far, the project will be completed in 1780/1806 days. Or I could keep going and finish with 1020 Mc by the end.

It will be interesting after the honey moon and flu season take their toll.

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