Monday, February 9, 2009

Gigacalorie Project: Reboot!

In case you missed the travails of my sadistic quest to burn 1 million kilocalories last year here's what happened.

I made steady progress over the months and the last post ended up with me at around 37 mega calories. Then the wedding/honeymoon/my relapse into smoking pretty much obliterated the gains I had made and for months I languished. This is where I ended, with a whimper.

07/24/2008, 245lbs, 36.23Mc

What little tone I had was gone, what little weight I lost surely came back. It was pathetic.

But 2009 begins anew and I have canceled the progress so far in favor of upshifting the date to February 1st, 2014.

So I have five years (less 8 days at the time of this posting) to burn a million kilocalories.

After all a semantic 'calorie' is in reality a kilo calorie and calling a 400 calorie work out a 400,000 calorie workout is a little misleading.

Hence, the name remains the same and yet we start over at 0.0 MC. The only other notable difference is that I am rejecting the idea of weighing myself at each report since this will essentially profit me nothing and just discourage me.

The goal is not to lose weight but to lose fat and fluctuations in water, bowel and muscle content are sure to discourage me at first. Once I have made visible progress I may begin tracking but for now all you get is the 'before' stats.

Feb 1st, 2009
Weight: 236 pounds (urgh)
Progress 0.000 MC

Sad sad day. Interestingly enough my weight is considerably lower than it was at the termination (fizzle) of the last gigacalories quest by about 10 pounds. However there's really no cause for celebration as I attribute this to muscle atrophy and loss in bone density. I don't look or feel any better starting this time around than I did last time.

Then again, it's tough to say whether or not the added stress of being a new dad caused me to put on some extra poundage. 10 lbs could get lost pretty easily in my roundish physique pretty easily.

While we're on the subject the 236 figure comes from a recent physical for my life insurance. It's a little disheartening since most people guess that I only weigh around 200-210. It's not that I'm walking around on giant gelatinous sausages and waving sails of flabby man breast tissue around I just don't know where the disconnect comes from.

I suspect a lot of it, nay most of it, is in my gut which as of now is fairly prominent but there's quite a bit kicking around my thighs and legs. I usually say I have fairly dense bones since I have consumed ungodly quantities of milk for my entire life but there may or may not be any correlation.

At any rate the ideal weight for a man my age and height is roughly 170 pounds so it seems reasonable that I can at least get into the 190 range over the next year or so. The caveat being I don't give a fuck how much I weigh as long as more of it is muscle than fat, at least to the untrained eye.

This is the time when having a Zombie switch would come in handy.
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