Monday, March 30, 2009

How the World Works...You poor bastard

Much to my amusement I tuned into not one but TWO of my favorite youtube personalities. Thunderf00t and TheAmazingAtheist have been staples of my online entertainment regimen for some time but this...oh this is fresh and beautiful all on its own.

They have both turned their ire onto a glassy eyed talking head who goes by Howtheworldworks. This is the intellectual equivalent of dipping your ballsack into a tank full of hungry pirannha. Hence the 'you poor bastard' line.

Hilarity ensues? Oh yes. Here's the chronological progression as it unfolds.

TJ's opening Salvo

The 'rebuttal'

Strike one: TJ

Strike two: Thunderf00t

Second 'rebuttal'

Strike three: TJ

1 comment:

Veko said...

This was indeed awesome times for the atheist vlogs. Thunderf00t's a god among men.

I'm not so sure about TJ (Amazing Atheist). Recently he's gotten somewhat stale.