Monday, February 11, 2008

Keep your penis off my intarnet!!!!

A sad day, dear friends, for that awesomely huge bastion of free entertainment hath been pierced by arrows of iniquity. Google, swaddled by your armored 'safe search' I thought myself free from evil as I browsed in your presence. more...

And yet I have to admit a slightly sick thrill, not at the content of the 8 second video, but at the mere presence of finding it myself. Naturally non-kosher content is bound to wind up where it is banned and only a matter of time before someone reports it but this time it was ME BABY!!!

Oh and speaking of highly innappropriate content (contextually anyways) my fervent efforts to grace the comments section of Dembski's blog has turned out, thus far, to be totally unfruitful. I'm not debating any more but it strikes me as amusing how differently each side of theism/atheism debate responds to criticism.

Oh well. Back to work on the new book. Once I get a good bit done I'll start posting here in serial.

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