Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heaven the Game

So in the course of my day I came across this unfortunate video game title

The video is good and well, very lavish and colorful scenery abounds but I find myself wondering about some of the mechanics. Atheistic inclinations aside, what is there to do in heaven really?

It's supposed to be the reward for accepting Jesus (hopefully a playable character) as one's lord and savior. This is of course a 'representation' of the christian version of heaven. I am not sure they'd let a scantily clad aryan gal run around with clothes on in the islamic version.

But while the lavish visuals certainly paint an impressive landscape the question remains: what the hell are you supposed to do in heaven?

From my understanding the christian heaven is a new creation free from the corruption and conflict that riddles earth, stemming from the unfortunate dietary choices of the first two humans at the behest of a fallen angel in the form of a snake. It is also, at least in theory, a kind of place that once you got there would forbid travel outside, or in the very least back to little ol' earth.

Without conflict, or horrible monsters to fight, disasters to avert or at minimum a horde of angry demons to fight off what could you possibly do in heaven for fun? This applies equally to the game itself and the traditional conception of heaven.

I checked out the designer's website which is as spartan as it is seizure-inducing (at least in firefox) for some answers. I found very little insight besides the obvious mission statement:

Mission: to create interactive games that stimulate Christian spiritual growth.

There are only 4 sections, about, games, mission and contacts.

The GAMES section is blank which would seem to indicate that they've only been working on 'Heaven' for 4 odd years. Curious. I decided to browse over to the contacts section and send out an email to see if they will tell me more about the game itself.

Another curiosity, via some handy google work turned up a page saying that Heaven the game would be released in mid 2005 so the mystery deepens. Update if I ever get a response.

In the meantime CHECK OUT the 'Pearl Gate' it's like a globular Stargate.

I also found the choice of outfit for this "The Saint" character rather intriguing. Check out the Belt Buckle inscribed with the Alpha and Omega symbols. Apparently they like the greek alphabet in heaven.

Bonus for the muslims, technically everything but her hands and face (ignore the cleavage) are covered up. The way she backflips I have a hard time believing that she's a virgin though.

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