Monday, October 27, 2008

Scribe Fire Test

This is me writing from my shiny new Linux box. I'll keep it nice and short with a little anecdote about the weekend.

So my wife and I got invited to a friend's wedding this past weekend. It was 3 hours away but my wife's friend 'Mary' said we could stay with her. The day before the wedding 'Mary' calls and says that her grandmother died and she won't be around her apartment.

So we call my wife's other friend 'Megan' and ask if we can stay with her. She says that'll be fine. The day OF the wedding she calls us and says we probably can't stay with her because her uncle died that night.

Coincidence? No, my wife and I are in fact angels of death, sent to eliminate the relatives of those nice enough to let us crash their place.

The question then becomes, is there anyone you'd like for us to call and see about staying the night?

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