Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A fresh slice of Hell for hump day.

Well, dear readership, your humble author has ill news to report.  For the last 48+ hours I have had to endure constant, violent coughing fits, tremendous quantities of evacuated mucus, headaches like calving glaciers and a tinny sort of rasping noise every time I breathe.

Also every few minutes I've been hacking up a bit of green mucus the size and consistency of a lightly boiled egg.  Oh it has been fun, let me just say.  I missed work, spent five hours in bed, cried a little bit after sneezing an ounce of infected phlegm onto my jacket and have consumed industrial quantities of pharmaceuticals.

Lets say 3 Mucinex tabs, half a bottle of dayquil, 4 Tussin' tabs (two green, two red, still haven't woken up from the matrix yet) and a fistful of hall's cherry cough drops.

Four of my last 6 meals have been soup, the most solid thing I have eaten was a piece of chicken and a flit of tendon got stuck in my throat, that was awesome, and my teeth feel hairy and rotten from being in such proximity to cough syrup, green tea and the ubiquitous halls which i am grinding to powder as I type this.

So no, it has not been a good day, perhaps tomorrow will see me in a better light.  Or maybe I'll wake up with cancer or bone lesions or something really fun.

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