Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow in the mountains!!

So I drove up to Hickory, NC for a quick job fixing some TCP/IP settings for a doctor. (thought it was a bad NIC) and then headed up to the mountains. It was quite a shock.

Weather in Hickory (1 hour from Charlotte) 50 degrees, sunny and dry.

Weather in Boone (1 hour from Hickory) 24 degrees, covered in SNOW!!!!

It was interesting because on the last approach to Boone there is a section of road, 4 lanes wide that makes a gentle downhill sweep down into the valley where Boone resides. I, in my tiny civic, slid about 3 feet from the inside lane into the outside.

Luckily there were no other cars around or I'd be dictating this post to a robot 20 years from now.

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