Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some "writing" from the days of yore.

I wish I could give some context for this poem but I am pretty sure I just wanted to write a little diddy using single letter beginnings that changes by line. This is what my brain spit out for those parameters at the time.

Impatient Imagination (July 2002)

Slumbering serenity salves Seth’s sorrows.

Worries wither while weather worsens.

Melodies make mournful mayhem meander

away, apart, afar and allow air

to temper, tense, tighten. These

desiring dreams denote density,

enchantment ensues.

The following poem was written Christmas day 2002, I wrote it after realizing how much I missed Natalie even though we had only been broken up a few months. During the 2.5 years that we were apart I wrote something like 54 sonnets and at least half of them are Natliecentric or based upon the misery brought about by her absence in my life. I had intended to write 155 sonnets *exactly one more than Shakespeare* And because I thought I had a gift for Iambic pentameter. Age does wonderful things to perspective.


This body aches to taste you one more time,

so long tormented by an ancient rhyme.

Blood, confined to beaten and eager veins,

yearns to wrestle my pride from ‘loving’ chains.

While will lights for me a Lucifer’s glass,

pain illumes hope while the rolling stars pass,

my iron luck, in need of alchemy,

begs and begs again for your company.

Could I swim against such fast devotion

when I tremble at first sight of ocean?

These waves erode and polish me slowly

and soon I will be dust … docile, lowly.

Finding others will not suffice for rest

and I dare not hope to cheat on this test.

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