Tuesday, May 12, 2009

102 Days: Can't even keep my damn milestones...

So it's been a fucked up sort of fortnight. Stretching back over the week I found myself nearly single for a while, crashing my reluctant coworker's pad in raleigh and discussing the finer points of end game raiding whilst put up by a former roomate in Cary.

I have been slack as hell on the project though I remain adamant that last weeks shortfall will be reclaimed in short time. I'm still way above my projected average though its been harder and harder to drag myself out to the gym.

Also my nightly constitutionals just seem to drag on and on. Maybe I need a new neighborhood to tramp around in. Who knows.

I also started a new plan to do some terrestrial modifications to the woods behind my house. It started as an ambitious plan to clean the forest of dangerous poisonous plants, sharp pointy rocks and anything that might harbor the dreaded copperhead. So I started hacking and slashing my way through the foliage and some ideas started creeping into my head about water conservation and some much needed surgery for the yard.

Tomorrow I will make a short video detailing my progress thus far and possibly outlining the scope of the new endeavor. There are a number of obstacles to consider: a giant dead tree and me with no handy way to dismantle it, innumerable rocks, roots and creepers and of course good old fashioned North Carolina RED CLAY. I swear the shit halts time and space whenever a shovel hits it.

Plenty of good fodder for the compost heap at least. Now content yourself with some stats.

Current Status: 66+ MC (projected average is 54.3) Daily average remains in the 600 range and the weekly average is hovering at 4.8 MC.

Also my weight is now about 220 though after the Papa John's it is probably higher. Damn your better ingredients and gut-destroying business model!!!!

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