Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nudity on Youtube

I just don't get it Youtube. You can have all the body parts present and its nudity but not censored. You can have girls playing with their breasts playfully prior to the breast exam but post the same girls doing the same thing without the exam and it's censored. Penile manipulation, testicle man handling and vaginal penetration is all ok as long as its posted as a medical thing.

Yet you can also have tons of scantily clad females doing webcam dances wearing thongs and see through shirts, actin' all slutty and that's cool.

I just don't get censorship, yet despite all that I am glad that youtube does it simply because it would turn into a porn site otherwise. Or maybe they could keep it R but not X rated like Metacafe.

Breast Exam

Vagina Exam

Penile Exam

Medical Fingering

Ball Cancer Check

1 comment:

Mary said...

The Penile Exam guy's dick was bigger at the end of the video. He definitely enjoyed it.

There are pics on Wikipedia that would also be considered porn on other sites. Here's a hardon and some cum.