Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Week 15/16 Update: Still alive, somehow still on track

I'm too lazy to type this crap out again or copy pasta it for ya but here's a screenie.

I believe I am now in the phase where the sexy aspects of the project have worn off, the cheering crowds at the base of the hill are long behind and I have emerged from the treeline only to stare at a vertical climb that will take another (projected) 56 months to complete.

The attrition of late and suffering motivation are proving to be greater hindrances than anticipated though I am still performing at a comfortable margin above the necessary level. How this is possible I do not know.

Needless to say the effort is ongoing and swinging over into maintenance mode is taking some real adjustments, mental and physical. When you're not excited and seeing that first burst of weightloss its hard to stay supercharged for a protracted period of time. However there is hope and as of today's mad session and extra long walk I am already more than halfway done for the week.

Tomorrow shall bring fresh challenges, perhaps defeat and perhaps still another step towards victory.


Mary said...

I was reading other blogs of people in Charlotte and happened upon yours. I've spent some time on your blog and have enjoyed it. I can relate to some of your gym experiences.

I used to swim at a YMCA and later at the Aquatic Center. I'm not swimming any more because of the bother of getting in suit, goggles, a locker, etc., and it's boring. Now I use weight and aerobic machines at Planet Fitness. I workout out because it makes me feel sexy and it's healthy.

One day last week I was getting bored at the gym and thought about quitting. I did quit early. For some reason I was having a motivation problem. Maybe because I didn't get much sleep or I was depressed about something. I did OK yesterday and am looking forward to working out today.

You've got a lot of posts and I haven't read most of them, but today I ran into you and became your virtual friend, even if it's just for these past 30 minutes.

Hang in there. I'll come back to see how you're doing.

Seth said...

Wow, I just looked over your blog and it was quite a shock. Interesting as hell but a little scary.

I feel your pain about the pool, all the prep, dressing and showering adds like 20-30 mins and buddha help you if you have to wait around on others to finish.

Part of the problem seems to be my music collection has been played to death and I really need to just process some new material so I can expand the collection.

Hope all is well with the gym and fucking over the evangelicals.