Friday, May 29, 2009

Microsoft is full of jerks and Live Search blows!!!

I submit the following example, a little bit close to home perhaps but I was just about furious when I did a little experiment earlier today. First, a smidgen of back story to set the tone for this curious anomaly.

My desk sports a triple screen display, 3x 19 inch Hanns-G monitors on a horizontal span. That makes my desktop area something like 3840x1024 pixels. My job necessitates keeping up a MINIMUM of one firefox window, one Remote desktop session to our server for our CRM software as well as keeping track of email, instant messages (also work related) and any programs or windows I happen to need for experimenting or testing.

For a long time I thought two screens was enough. I was wrong.

Today, a client called in with an issue that was happening through IE but not Firefox and I wanted to see if it would affect my own experience. So I slapped up IE, took a look and out of habit I decided to check on the blog. I didn't have it bookmarked or anything so I just typed 'at the risk of being too cynical' ***That's the title of the blog*** and the live search came up totally and utterly empty.

What in the black bedeviled hills of hell? The exact same phrase from Google always pops up an entry as the first result. So, in the spirit of experimentation I tried the same thing through Firefox. End result?

Google Search:

MSFT Search:

Great scraping lolbutter what am I to think of this. I know that Google and MSFT are blood rivals in the search/ads world but still. Now I was really interested so I tried a phrase that would likely turn up the blog no matter what simply due to its unique quality.

This time the phrase was "Gigacalorie Project"



Oh come on you freaks that's not even fair. I was so pissed that I checked every single one of the 198 search results and does my little blog appear anywhere? Hell no.

Finally I tried a phrase that is unmistakeably and permanently tied to this blog.


No screen shot because it only turns up links to A: Youtube, B: Sites where I have made comments under the name "Keippernicus"

Now mudslinging is fine and dandy but I find this a little short-sighted even for Microsoft. I get that they are interested in keeping their ad revenue stream going but hiding access to their own user's personal blogs? Really?

Guess what, MSFT. You just lost the game.

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