Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glad I bought a Honda!

So I ran across this, a prime example of consumer pwnage that I just had to share.

This should sum it up nicely.

The first two times Jason brought his truck in to his local Toyota dealership for service, he noticed that someone had taken quarters from his change compartment. He complained both times, but was ignored. So the third time he brought his truck in, he placed a video camera on the passenger side. The dealership didn't ignore him this time.

Jason was originally only concerned about the missing quarters, but his camera also captured Hampton Toyota employees sifting through his medication, using racial slurs, and watching porn in Jason's truck. Jason emailed us a copy of the letter he sent the owner of Hampton Toyota.

What's crazy about this, and reading Jason's email will rip your gut up a little, is the youtube clips embedded towards the bottom.  I mean the behavior of both guys stealing coins and examining the pill carrier are so frickin' ROTE that you know these goons have been up to much worse.

I'm gonna have to start counting my change before I take my car in now.

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