Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I get PM's...

As I awoke and began my normal work duties I couldn't resist a YT bump this early and something caught my eye.

Normally when I get a youtube PM it's either because someone subscribed and is giving me a shout out or someone is replying to me for posting/flaming something. It's all good.

And now to my repertoire I add: sometimes I get super long, mostly copy pasta PM's from people who are long winded and mostly batshit instead *also semi literate*

No response needed, just wanted to share with my loyal readership of none.

[Original message follows:]

I saw your trailer about game called Heaven and trailer is preety good exept of you in the
background yapping and talking like you just know every thing on this planet and universe

like u ate all the brains of the smartest people,like u create universe,nay like u created and hated

any way,visualisation and graphic in game is beautyful,all those things like river of life,
pearly gates,golden streets,its simbolic and its all written in bible

i dont know what is game about and what u have to do,but they took a loooooooot of things
and vis.from the good book.

its in Revelation,almost in the end,but it is mentioned a lot of time in all the Bible

i presume by your talking and words that you are one of the people that thing
that the earth and all the univers creates by its self just like that.

i gotta tell you something
or you are a hater,or you are some fals prophet or
you dont have enough knoledge and experience in and about life

for example; let say that one of the factorys of watches in some contry explode,massive explosion,and on that same place creates (thousands or just one) perfect working watch,...
is that possible and what are the odds that could happened.

example two; can you go if you have a garden or in some park,and just take one leaf or some plant,flower,if you have a microscope,or you can just look at it with naked eye,..
do you see how many cells and vessels and functions have just one flower,...
now imagine a some animal,or a man,...
and they functions,...
check out nature,sky,day and night,..
its all working like its been set by some large space clock.
day and night,...day sets sun sets,and in the miliseconds night and the moon and the stars
take over.

a man need for oxygen a plants need for carbon dioxide,..
man is oozing carbon dioxide and need oxygen,plants and flowers oozing carbon dioxide.

why sun doesnt freez us,...because sun has been set to get us warm.

lets took a humans,why they have 5 fingers and five toes on each arm,why not 8 fingers and
3 toes,

you can check human inner organs,..lunges,heart,livers,brain,..
and its all connected yet they have diferent functions

they are all consuming that red liquid called blood.

you gotta thing a litte bit and explore and you will see.

every thing has his own creator,
car has his own creator,mechanics etc.

in factorys,someone has to put computer together,or they are man or woman or robots programed and created by man or woman.

you have to water the plant if you wanna see it grow,
and plant need light,earth and water.
but why not some other liquid,why water,why light,why not dark?
why can i put pepsi or some orange juice and expect to see plant grow?

how come that you didnt came to earth just like that,how come someone needed to made you?
how come you just didnt flew from somewhere and start to be alive and growin and how
come you dont just say i wanna some burger and burger just creates in front of your eyes
from nothing ?

last words:
man,open your eyes,i know that life is hard,and there is a lot of people evil people that works
for they own pleasure,telling us what they wanna for us to thing.

there are some animals less bloodsucking than peoples,
peoples are powerfull,they can be what ever they want,but can they fly without airplane,
can the go in to deept of deepest seas and live there,can they go to the farest star and galaxies
in universe?
no,but people are made for reason,and reason is somewhere far from earth but so close to

why we live per say 70 years and just die,leaving behind so much created things,so we can never go back.
why are we made so complicated,and so full of love,emocions,hates,knowledge,
ideas,emaginations,where does those things coming from and who put that in our brains and

why we building lives,careers ,jobs, playing instruments for years, carring for one another,
why are we even breathe?

so that we die for 70 years and thats it,game over,,no no my friend,
where is sense,i make no sense man,...

there is something bigger than this little life of ours

for another example,lets say demo game and full game,
why demo games exist?

its like preview of something more bigger and better and more lasting,right?

last words
just sit one evening in chair,lazyboy or on some meadow,balcony,...and watch the stars,
they are soooo far,its so many of them,amazing,look at that infinite space,and
if is not,we will never go there unless someone take us and carrie there,
i wish to go there,one day i wanna fly thru those galaxies and visit other planets and stars
without getting sun burn:), or swallow by black hole :).

i wannt this,i wanna full game man.

a question for darwin fans:
what did and how did it create the first of the first of the first of the first molecule,
before every one, before big bang(big bang have to start from something,also that molecule
that has been encouraging big bang,needs to be create frome something,and so on and on and
on,to the first of the first) ?

where how and why?

man took bible in your hands,say a pray,test good to help you with something,(not now like,
"God i want mercedes right now",) not like that, but u never know,maybe you get merc. to,but
you have to show loyalty and faith tore Him,
you ask your friend to help you clean your car,
how will you ask him,would you say"hey man clean car with me"
or " hey,(name),would you please help me to clean my car"

so dedication and thrust is also playing role,..if you dont belive your friend and you getting all suspicious and cocky and rude friend will not help you,unless its your butler or slave :).

about lets say Christ and his talk "this is my blood this is my boody" eat it and drink it
you probably red that or heard in churches or on the tv.

any way,lot of people ar just like faithless Tom, "i dont believe unless i see right away"

so,people are interpreting in materialistic way cuz let be real,people are made from materia
and the are very materialistic.

so people without help from above or shallow minded or non believers(atheists believe in nothing so you are believer to,anyone could be believer and believe in any thing so,..you gotta believe in right and tested thing) didnt understand those words.

those words where symbols for the cruisafixtion and death of jesus
Jesus was half man half god,actuali he was god,but...

example:a mother and little son walking thru some park,a kid saw anthill and a lot of ants,
he got closer,but,they flee and run away,...after he ask his mother,..
mom,..why those ants ran away from me,and mother said,..
because they dont know you.

so god or creator or someone who understand how everything works and functioning,needed to
came down,because he was only with out limits so he could only gave life to they creatures that he game life in the first place.

so "drink my blood eat my boody" was the simbolic for "Il give you life again".

people where very very smart and poetic before,you wouldnt believe,
just look all those wonders of the worlds that they create,and we will be fools to
thing that they was like monkeys or peoples from caves that they dont know if
they are alive or not.

of course,if today exist people wich dont know to write,obviously they existed in the past,
but they had knoledge of and from nature.

but who create that nature from whom people did so beautyful things,
it is impossible to think that something explode and on the same place something
beautyful and builded so complicated has been created.

look,if you believe in Jesus and Bible(whole bible) you cant lose anything,you could just
gain a new life,in here and one day somewhere else(not on the cloud with harp like lot of
people say,..you know there s a lot of people that kills and to bad things in the name of God,but
they arent good,they are false,cuz God like bible says never changes,but people,..
like the wind blow...) so,better to check for your self,you can not lose,only gain,

but...if you go with aproach like,.."i dont believe"..well lets say it ends your way and you are wright,but what if dont?

believers are insured and but non believer , not so

lets say that all people are turned in to atheist,..where is the future,..
earth is falling appart day by day,...
nuclear war could begin tomorrow..
again, lost..

what is the point to all of this....

something must change,just like goverments over the centurys are overthroned,
this missery must be overthrone to...

if we can save our selves,..
only our designer(who know how we functionate) can do that
patch us,create us a new,all to new.

situation in the world is worse day by day,theres been trouble in the world,but
not that often like in our days and time.

every day go by,troubles are bigger and dangerous,faster and without mercy.

something gotta give,or the earth will exploade(but earth is not guilty, wicked people
tourtured her a lot and still they countinue,with load of garbage,nuklear bomb tests,
oil etc.)

or someone will save us

read Revelation,in the New Testamen,at the end of the bible(bible is like a guide thru life,she stood a test of time,a lot of people wanned to change her ,denied her,"kill" her so no one
knows about her,but she is still here and every where,...what is that telling you,..hm?)

about coming of the creator and savior of his creatures.
Jesus came first time like poor hard working man,to show us how to live and obey commandments cuz without commandments we will not know what is good and what is wrong
so we will go by our on hearts,but our hearts are full of false sincerity and empty headed insticts so without 10 commandments we will be like sheeps.

and without bible(you know why lot of world leaders forbid bible,...cuz "knoledge is power"
and bible is full of knoledge,believe it,its true,try to readed,but first say a pray to Jesus,
nevertheless he inspired people and prophets to write it..,....and after start to read it.

it is amazing,you will found out so much things,..
but be careful, dont be inpatient, you need patient and faith ,

why one swiss guy who is building clocks, (back to clocks again :)) hand maded,why they are the best and most expensive?

per say better than clock that some chinese kid witch is one of the many things that kid assembled that day,
he now doing clocks,(he learned building them an our ago, while swiss guy building them for decades).

why is clock from swiss guy better than from chi.kid,?

because swiss guy building one clock for years,while chinese kid make them a whole bunch i an hour.

example 2

witch is better and healthier: junk food,fast food instant food ,instant drinks etc.
or food that need time and preparation to made it right,using by better and healthier

so about reading we continue,...
Revelation or one of the gospels
it says
in last days will be wars and famines,and brother will raise hand on his brother for nothing,..
(im just saying of witch i remember i read,i apologize if i miss some parts but everything is in
the Bible,everything)

and there wil be more and more of those things like i said in the beginning of text,
there will be a lot of people wich will present theyself like saviors,financion saviors,Christs,
saviors of the planet,and the envoirement,and chrysis situation,but all they will do
will be broking commandments ,sitting in theyr big mansiones,driving big cars,and
some of the will do miracles but they will be just for entertaintmant or no use or after something
like it looks like miracles but after man will feel even wors.

like curing people with touch of hands and so...
last people wich could do that is Jesus Himself and his apostoles.

no one from the day that last apostol died,till today,...no one,not pope,not blaine,not copperfield,
no one,...they came from evil factory to deceive and abuse ,cuz satan hates god because
satan was angel before called Lucifer ,Lightbringer,the biggest and the preetyes
angel,..but he got proud at bit too much,he wanned to be like god ,actualy bigger than god who created him,without whom he wouldnt even exist.

word prIde got I in it, I will lift my self above whole universe,said Lucifer,....and it said in the
Bible,check by your self,....

on the last day of the earth,the satan himself (before jesus return) will show to people as
jesus and beautyful,cuz he aint no more,he showed his nature when he slauthered inocent
man to the cross.

and he will seduce a lot of christians and non christians,...

"he will make fire come down to earth just to seduce"
a lot or miracles but for nothing

jesus feed people and helped people with his miracles,
but today its all about money prIde, and power.

anthicrist is real,...but where is copy there is original,..right?

bible says that second coming of Jesus will see every eye every man,saiz in the Bible,..
its true,..
antichrist,satan him self, will look like Jesus,speak like Jesus but,doing miracles like Jesus,
(cuz lucifer doesnt care how he will take you down,long as you down)

but remember,he will not came as Jesus!

"every eye will see him"

television :) isnt that funny how powerful got tv

if every eye will see him,for the liar (lIar-capital i) and false creature,tv is only solution.

but Jesus ,first he came like poor man,to show how and that we could live in peace in god and
obey the law of life.

"i saw someone sitting on the shiny cloud on the sky with thousands apon thousands angels around him"

Jesus will came on the cloud in his full glory,with all his angels,not as poor man ,but the king of the universe.

but remember,he will not get down to earth,he will be on the sky all the time,and remember
with thousand appon thousand angels,not alone.


i wish you all the best in life and
...ask any thing il try to answer you

btw,Jesus-God is only being that need to be worshiped
no human,cuz today are and tomorow are aint,like a flower in the strong wind,he
disapear just like that,..no animals or photos,..

ten commandments saiz you all
Bible saiz you everything


So that's it. Take it home, you dirty atheists. Bible saiz you everything!


Cpt. Kirk said...

damn... i started reading... then i started scrolling... ARGH its a long post !

a lot of fallacies in every argument :D... good practice...

Keippernicus said...

Cpt. Kirk

I am not even going to respond, way to many problems. I did like the part about how if everyone converted to atheism there would be nuclear war starting tomorrow.

Pretty funny.

Tristan said...

Geez, how times did he say "last comment" or "parting words"...went on forever!