Friday, July 3, 2009

Some beef with JaguarJ0nes on youtube.

Ok not really beef per se but just an objection.  Here's a link to JJ's channel he's got some really funny videos about pwning YEC's and their arguments.  Something about his video voice/expressions really sunk in and I laughed my ass off at some of his references.

But he insists that pangolins are totally gay.  Which is crazy, pangolins are totally awesome!

I mean it's a freakin' mammal with scales, freakishly overdeveloped claws, near immunity to ant bites *food source* and it can curl into a spiky ball when threatened.  Its kind of like an armadillo but so much cooler. 

Link to Original.

So anyway I made a little video, slammed it together from clips and nearly pulled my hair out because camtasia kept crashing and the audio splice was absurdly counter intuitive.  At any rate, I got her done and present, in full glory, for your viewing pleasure.

Jaguarj0nes LOVES Pangolins


Anonymous said...

This is the REAL JaguarJ0nes and you are going to find yourself at the business end of a "how to Pwn and gay looking pangolin lover" if you take one more step. Don't push me, I'm crazy!

Keippernicus said...

You want to start some shit you do it on youtube you closeted pangolin loving pwn bot!

Bring it to the whacky shack if you dare, I could use the subs.