Monday, June 16, 2008

2.22 miles in da pool this morning.

Today began with a decidedly bad night of sleep. I woke up 3 different times with a mouthful of saliva, not just a little drool but a full on cheek load. It was really gross and warm, like jellyfish in a blender.

Anyway despite all that I got to the pool super early and banged out nice week starter of a workout. 1.54 MC today means that I only have to do 2.26MC for the rest of the week.

I intend to do more but its nice to know that if I get sick then I'll have some bufferage stored up soon. I also added a 25g slug of protein to my morning breakfast. In addition to being healthy and good for muscle recovery it was also really damn tasty.

I also scored some Vitamin C for anti-oxidant potency and some Vitamin D under the advice of the old man. Turns out Vitamin E isn't all its cracked up to be. Sorry Lucas. Oh and for the first time in three weeks I registered below 250 on the scale. I don't really care about weight at this point but its nice to know that its starting.

The count stands as follows:

06/16/2008, 249.5 lbs, 12.95 MC

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