Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Abominable miscomprehension...

Been a while, last post was Thursday of last week and now its Wednesday. Here's the update towards the project.

Friday: 1.150
Saturday: .60Mc on the elliptical (this was a fecking disaster, i felt like hammered shit because I stayed up too late playing Call of Duty 4.
Monday: 1.01
Tuesday (night): 1.0Mc
Wednesday: 1.160

The end of last week's foot should have been:

06/21/2008, 248 lbs, 16.30 MC

The current count is now:

06/25/2008, 250 lbs, 19.47 MC

Under scrutiny a little forensic digging will turn up a weird weight discrepancy. On Thursday and Saturday the morning weight was 248 but on Friday it was 250 and on Monday it was 252. It's weird but I really think the scale is a piece of shit at the YMCA and water weight fluctuations make it hard to get at an accurate assessment. I know I didn't lose 2 pounds (7Mc) and then gain it right back over the weekend. My calorie consumption per day is almost never more than 3Mc and it would have to have been 14Mc NET GAIN to account for that sort of bounce. More likely its incidentals like water, current amount of bowels (gross, I know) and how much I have had for breakfast if anything.

I still feel like I am getting stronger and my muscles feel noticably firmer so I am not worried but they say it takes 6-8 weeks before you start seeing real weightloss so we shall see.

As I near the 20Mc mark the scope and magnitude of the project again weight heavily on my mind. After all I am counting to 1000 and its taken about a month to get to almost 20.

The upshot is that 20Mc will almost certainly be surpassed tomorrow and that means another full percentage point under my shrinking belt line.

20 Mc a month will complete the project in...wait for it...50 months, which is 300 days ahead of schedule. I think that's a respectable average for the first month and though I will try to exceed it whenever possible I think its a damned good start.

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