Friday, June 13, 2008

End of Week 3: The report.

9.93 Mc would have made me happy for closing out the third week of my endeavor. Its a respectable number, one that overshadows the combined workouts in any other month since I was in college no doubt.

Today I cap the week and finish out with the longest swim that I can boast in recent memory. 2.0 miles, that's 72 laps and only 50 of them were freestyle. The actual breakdown went like this.

Warmup: 8 Free, 2 Breastroke, 2 back
Set1: 20 Fr. 4 Breast
Set2: 10 Fr, 6 Back, 4 Breast, 10 Fr.
Cooldown: 2 Fr, 2 Br, 2 Ba

Only took about 90 minutes but I was struggling like hell the whole time. Freestyle takes less than a minute per lap but breast and back are much slower. They are a nice addition but they are slow. In fact the quantity of non-free exercises is what made today such a challenge.

I used to look back with fondness at the days when I could knock out 5-8 miles at a stretch. Now I just wonder how the hell I ever had enough free time to get away with it. Anyway, he's the weekly breakdown by Mc.

Monday: 1.10Mc
Tuesday: .77Mc
Wednesday: 1.21Mc
Thursday: .85Mc
Friday: 1.48Mc

Weekly total: 5.41Mc
Grand Total: 11.41

At this rate it'll only take 184.85 weeks to finish the project. That's a mere 3.5 years.

At the three-weekly rate its a more reasonable 5.06 years which is nearly what I hope to accomplish. Obviously as time rolls on I hope to burn more with less strain on self, this week has been a bit rough on my tender frame.

For reference the actual weekly average to burn 1000Mc in 5 years is: 3.85Mc

The scope and breadth of this project are looming now like the peak of an impossibly tall mountain. However as I have said before you don't stare at the peak of a hill that you intend to climb. If you want to get there you look at your feet and make sure they keep moving until you reach the top.

Head down, chin up. Until next time...

06/13/2008, 250lbs, 11.41Mc

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