Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 57: Not your usual update

Nearly two months time separate this moment and the day I grabbed destiny by the sack and yanked down hard. Things have changed, I daresay things have improved somewhat.

Since the reboot I have struggled through pain and sweat for hours on end. I have heated and cooled myself beyond comfort and conscience. Every day I inhale the immolation and sparks of the furnace that has become my life. Every day is a hammerstroke.

My labors demand tremendous sacrifice, and I feed them well. My body hardens and shrinks, slowly but surely the impurities peel and flake away. I am an asteroid cruising atmo to shed off my dirty accumulated exterior to reveal the iron core beneath.

Today I have surpassed my previous endeavor. I do not consider it a victory, just an imaginary line passed on a long journey. Most of my endeavor remains ahead and not behind.

Now I can quote numbers and figures, catalog the minutia of this experiment but I will refrain. Instead I feel the need to express a change in both form and function. Instead of feeling like a fat guy on the skinnier side I now feel like a skinny guy on the fat side of the line.

It's all arbitrary of course. It's also the most real quantum of data I have yet acquired. I mark the occasion with a single asterisk on my spreadsheet. No further explanation will be offered.

Conventional updates will follow shortly.

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