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Blog resurrection, Part III

Part 3, here at last! I will note that I omitted one of the posts because it was just a repost of "Firefly Flore" and I will be getting around to all my past lits in another, just as epic, series.

So yes, plenty more awfully adolescent-sounding-in-hindsight writing is sure to follow.


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Ok, so I lied in my last post. The first part of the epic wasn't quite done with the first draft, but it is now. The grand total of 65 handwritten pages is a monstrously fun chunk of about 45,000 words. And I realized today that it will probably swell to more like 60,000 in subsequent edits.

I am to friggin tired to think about that anymore for now though. It gets a day of rest before I tear it up and put it back together, and then...PERFECTION!!
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Searching for subtlety...
So everyone else has a stupid live/dead journal or some kind of weblog... but they all suck, and mine will be a grandiose departure from the norm. I think, so you don't have to. Email me if you feel the urge to comment or something. (seth.keipper@gmail.com)

Ok, there has been some kind of pseudo-intellectual crap surpluses lately. So here's a short and sweet entry I promise to keep crisp and coherent. Just a few comments to add to my growing philosophy.

You can punch this in with figures of legend, definition of evil and everything else. Seth's protracted classification of other people.

Stamps: People are generic. The definition of generic is "Relating to or descriptive of an entire group or class; general." Therefore the sum of people's general tendencies determines what is generic. People are generic. Stamps are people that fit snugly into the zone of being indistinguishable from gabbing robots.

Sure people vary in size, shape and texture...but some people are just...people. Think of stamps as the individual tiles in the mosaic that is your background. Without the greater design they are just...a little piece of colored rock, about as complex and about as lovable. That doesn't mean they aren't important or should be abused for any reason...but they aren't terribly exciting either.

Most are fairly predictable because they stick to routines and a small array of amusements and are marked by much more consumption than creation. Allison is a perfect example, she's a statistic. She also has the marked characteristics of generic humanity.

Stupidity: Nuff said. But, in the interest of justifying this to people that don't know her here goes. A while back some cunt had posted a picture of heather (tristan's girlfriend) and made some crap up about her sleeping with some dude. Now, this other girl did NOT lie about heather's phone # or address. This other girl's TWW name was "Alliecat" or some shit. Alison's is 'alibaby.'

After someone told me about this I created a thread blasting the girl for being a bitch. Now its strange, because alison gets pissed at me and denies everything. Did that confuse you? It confused me how she could mistake alliecat for alibaby. I mean, I am pretty sure she can read. But the earliest symptom is stupidity, the second is impulsiveness.

A calm person might have picked up on the oh so subtle difference, but no she immediately resorted to an emotional response. Depth psychology tells us that people who spend more time watching tv become accustomed to reacting with emotional responses rather than rational ones. Is this similar to another bitch I dated? If you know kelly, her TV habits and disdain for reading then you nailed it. Impulsiveness in this sense is an insult to what our greatest strength is...the brain, so use it fuckas!

Predictability comes back into play for the next identifier...she's a girl. Not only in the biological 'sex' sense. But in the stereotypically helpless female 'gender' sense. So, the biggest distinction between other girls and alison is...well, height and name. That's sad. Pretty much any other dramatic or whiny or air headed girl would have turned out the same way if put in alison's body. Now interchangability is basically one of the best benefits of the industrial revolution. Lose your group's dramatic girl? No problem, there are a few million more in various stages of production (just like the clone army from episode II.)

Stamps are also sadly locked into their routine and even when they express desire to change it is always temporary and habits get pushed back to the norm in days, weeks or months. These are the kinds of people that can't lose weight or quit smoking or keep a new year's resolution without being forced into it. Everyone struggles, but these people...just can't do anything for themselves. Maybe they shouldn't have to, but they try and fail pretty regularly.

If I could characterize these types in a very brief manner it would be thus: Stamps just fail to see the bigger picture in anything. Their life is the only situation of relevance probably due to the fact they are mere actors with bodies and minds ruled only by their immediate desires and convictions. Emotional appeal is stronger than reason and they are a detestably boring, vicious and destructive bunch of assholes.

Coming tomorrow I will write about some other types of people...probably Blips and Monos. To bed!
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People will go wherever their passions and prejudices lead them.

I am doing very well. I saw Tiffany last night and today, and she’s doing well also. For some background info, Tiffany is the girl that Matt, Kevin and I met one night drunk. So we all went to waffle house. But she’s a sophomore now, its good that she hasn’t failed out yet.

Others are not doing so well. There is a lot of strange shit talking and animosity going around lately. Maybe it’s just one of those times when people are dicks, but it really seems something is amiss. Did I cause this by some action or inaction?

Well I know why Bunn hates me. But I don’t know why others feel the need to talk shit. But I really wanna open up my heart and say ‘feel free to fucking cry about it.’

Lately I am untouchable. But with a twist.

See, now that I can and have swam 3.75 miles lately I feel that I am a good swimmer. Having averaged about 3 miles per day after only a few weeks proves that I am a good swimmer. And yet I have only lost about 7 pounds (it varies from 5-10) so I do not yet look like a good swimmer.

That’s frustrating. But unlike my naysayers I have high hopes. At least I am doing something. Low but looking up is better than being a drama queen, a pissy pseudo sage or a drunk bitch (of either sex).

I mean, you’d have to be a pretty big asshole to talk shit about someone you haven’t even met behind their back or on the wolf web or in your weblog…ummm, new topic!

Recent events however have made we wonder about the existence of Karma. No not in the ‘spiritual’ sense that evil will be punished by some greater power. I mean assholes can only piss people off for so long before someone sticks it to them or they get hit by a bus.

Do nicer people get more nice things than others? I am not sure, but I have convincing anecdotal evidence both for and against. Before I can continue I should add, most people aren’t nice, they are neutral at best. Or, and here comes the dork in me, you could use the old dungeons and dragons classifications

On top is Good: This is just someone that is fucking peachy and noble and if you met them you would probably want to kick their ass. Lets be real, people that do extremely good things arouse much jealousy…so maybe being nice isn’t such a good idea after all.

On bottom of course is Evil: These are the friendless, gutless, soulless types that bide their time making bombs, shooting up their school or preying on the weak for some kind of pleasure. Basically, these are failed people that no one wants and they have been convinced that no one will ever want them. Evil is not an inherent trait but it can be taught or embraced by pretty much anyone.

Most people, as I said, are Neutral: Like a nice little predictable sine curve these types just go up and down with only differences in amplitude, frequency and wavelength. It should be noted that sine curves can be summed into a multitude of shapes, so maybe its better to say even the simple types are sums of sine curves.

Now these three types are pretty boring. It’s the people who are conditional to either side that make things interesting.

Neutral Good and Neutral Evil: Ok, everyone has that one friend that seems so gung ho until they are confronted by some kind of fight or argument. Then they pussy out. To me that is neutral evil. Neutral because that is the side they choose (or rather, don’t choose) but do so in a way that others have a hard time predicting so there is one less guy in the fray.

Neutral good people I think are mainly pushovers. These are types that can go about their business and not really stray to far from their routine, but if asked will be helpful and do good. The problem is they don’t volunteer often, so you have to kind of force them into it.

Consider the ‘neutral’ modifier a small variation around and average. They are capable of both good and evil acts but as a rule tend to not do either one in drastic amounts. Exceptions come from crazy circumstances and prolonged torment. Other people swing over their line ten feet in either direction or have no determinable line.

Chaotic good: Batman was an awesome superhero. He’s just a regular billionaire with funky gadgets and some badass weapons. But if you notice, he’s not the sappy kind of ‘hero’ that tries to help bad guys. No he kills them and often smiles as a result. Remember in batman 2, the guy tries to blow batman up so he tucks the bomb into the bad guy’s belt and shoves him over an edge. Then he SMILES as there is a boom and fire in the background. What a crazy motherfucker. Wolverine in Xmen two is another good example.

In real life these tend to be people that are motivated to be good by an internal desire but circumstances keep them fluctuating. An example might be a guy that started out a good kid but fell in with a rough crowd and later got out again. Now he would probably have both the good tendencies from his childhood as well as the savagery necessary in other circumstances.

These people are usually the most interesting because of their unpredictability and penchant for both heroism and atrocity.

Chaotic Evil: These are just people with little or no control over their own impulses. Ever wonder whether violent criminals are violent because they have more violent tendencies, or because they cannot resist the ones they do have. I would lean toward the latter. Since resisting impulses is the fundamental foundation of civilized society, it doesn’t seem like certain people would just be insanely violent and others passive. No, more to the point would be the general lack of physical and mental health that goes along with antisocial types. Shitty development makes shitty people it seems, and we’re not doing much to help these people. Since evil is pretty much extreme and depraved selfishness, this fits these people perfectly.

Offhand I cannot think of someone who is a good candidate for this, but Ed Norton’s character from fight club is a pretty damned good example. Charismatic and manipulative, these types are not to be trusted.

Now the quote I opened with was sparked by a long and boring train of thought, but I’ll tell you just in case some insight is desired. After beating the shit out of my test in Psy 410 I walked into the bright fall day think of leaves changing colors. Ambers, Crimsons and other colors I cannot tell from red, yellow and orange fill the eyes and sidewalks.

I lament that my color vision suffers, but not long enough to avoid the inevitable ‘my shoulder is also suffering’ thought. Pondering not swimming I thought perhaps I could remedy this with drugs. Or, I could get a backrub. However, it was unlikely that I would get a back rub so I dismissed the thought. But the fantasy lingered. One problem I have with getting muscles rubbed is that people usually lack the finger strength to really do much. I hate getting weak ass rubs from girls with lil slender fingers. Eddie Izzard’s comment on Europe being a potential melting pot came to mind. “We just need to melt, if we could just move it around. JUST MOVE IT AROUND!!” And that’s how I feel about getting massages. But then I thought about, what if everyone just moved around and envisioned migration routes through Europe as a giant hurricane of people moving in opposite directions from the icy plains of Sweden to the Baltic shores. And then, out popped the quote.

Travel is so cool, it is better than pretty much anything else you can spend money on and the memories just stick with you more so than any sort of cheap acclaim you can achieve at home. But people move around and some go to one place more than others, and others of their race or class will follow and pretty soon everyone is static again.

A good solution would be to emigrate to new places and ideas and cultures could be sewn and spread all over the world. If only we weren’t so damned reliant on goods and services that don’t exist in other places. But one day the common man should be able to feel at home in any post industrial country in the world.

Now, to the pool!

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Oh I wish I could write unfettered tonight, but I need sleep and I would like to keep my job. It was a fucking riot though, best night ever. Ignoring the object of my aversion I turn to what made it great.

Brotherhood: Hangin’ out with bryce, donny, jimmy and jesse was great, reminded me of the old days. Its been something missing from work of late, but for half an hour it was a great occasion.

Solitude: I know I don’t spend every day surrounded by people, but I am surrounded by work. In one of my first posts I referred to the difference of introspection and intraaction. Well that other me has been dying for a good talk lately, so finally under the starlit skies of the intramural fields I got to kick around in peace. And I saw a shooting star.

Reminder: The escort I walked from Leazar to bragaw was a skinny little design student that probably spends more time drawing than I do writing this fucker. But it was just me and her and we had a good talk about art. You can’t perfect anything and still function, everything I write I know I could make better given the attention it deserves. The same is true for every project, study session and relationship. Nothing ever fits your expectations exactly.

Lunacy: Ok, I never thought I’d see the day to hear a cop say ‘O’tay’ on state radio. I never thought that someone could break an ankle in such a way that you could see where it shattered the joint and you could see both tibia and fibula poking out of his pants! How fucking cool is that.

Progess: I know I have said this before, but it held especially true tonight...and every day I grow stronger.

The downside is apparently several people with problems towards me are reading this. So fuck you for being a dick, but at least you’re reading so you can’t be all that bad. (Except for Allison, she’s the dumbest ho I know...but at least she proves that evil will be punished in some form or another)

And with that, to nocturnal bliss!
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