Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog resurrection, Summation and Thoughts

Wow, what an awfully comprehensive bunch of bullshit that was. I don't mean the content itself I just mean how long it took just to repost all that stuff into manageable chunks. I thought about doing it post by post but that would have taken...well more time than I cared to spend on it.

As I look back I smiled and frowned and even cringed at a few of the predictions and observations. What stuck with me the most was how hard I fell out of the writing habit and how much joy it brought me. Certainly my tastes and hopefully my style has changed a good bit since then but the novelty has worn off I fear.

I originally wrote Brain Hack and Riot Party about 4-5 years ago now and in one post hoped to have one or both finished by the end of 2004. At the time I did consider them both finished but my understanding of the world and tech in general has certainly matured.

I still intend to finish these two stories and the unifying third part called 'Founder Effect' which ties the stories together before 2009 rolls around on my calendar. The difference this time is that I intend to self publish this work via wordclay or something similar.

The full text will also be posted, naturally, at our trusty old techblog BruteFinesse.

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