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Epic Related: Blue 5-Subject, 200 page 5 subject

As part of the ongoing project to capture and retain some of my earlier work I am instantiating my former feeble scribblings to real 1's and 0's just in case some tragedy befalls my house/notebooks.

This particular effort begins with a partially filled notebook beginning with excerpts from the BoL or "Book of Life" which was the name for Maynard Cassidy's journal in the first novel: Fair Coin.

Remember I am not editing for content or punctuation but if I can't read or make sense of something I'll annotate with brackets my best guess.
[page one]
BoL Excerpts

Ch 12 Iris & Co.
Ch 14 Stripes-chase
Ch 15 Polish-rooftop
Ch 16 Halloween
26 Shit with Iris
36 Southern Hospitalization
37 funeral
39 Colorado
40 Mira House
41 Revenge
42 Chase Scene
43 Ska House
44 end
45 epilogue

12. An enemy of an enemy may be a friend. Friends of friends might imply friendliness towards you. It...does...not.

14. Despite the past X thousand years of culture and civilization the truest measure of male friendship can only be measured during a fight or danger. [something incoherent in the margin, probably a bit of stomach acid from regurging at how bad this one is]

15. When no other kids were around there were always Parker and Michael. I suppose this shaped my future model for what a friend is. If so I do not seek a hive of approving faces but a loose handful of brothers.

26. Some people will never understand me and I will never understand them. There is nothing more profound and sad to me. Not everyone will agree I'm sure.

[page 2]

36. Dostoyevsky said we can learn a lot about a country by its prisons. Hospitals would suffice in a pinch.

37. Death is something everyone fears. What I fear is not dying but dying painfully and alone. If I just didn't wake up one day that would be fine for me. Every death makes at least one person sad. We should remember that there will always be one smiling face not at the funeral.

39. If there is one sort of corner I would not mind being backed into it would be formed by my brothers' shoulders.

40. Are all lofty goals the result of frustrated contentment found in food, company and song?

41. Revenge is a way of playing a proactive God. The danger is not in erasing all further chance of evil and hope of redemption. No, revenge is dangerous only to those who enjoy it.

42. There should be warnings in action movies for moments of gratuitous sex and violence. And there should be a timer for tactical bathroom breaks. Wouldn't that be great to just have "CHASE SCENE 00:04:37 til completion" show up. [this is the leading quote for a chapter that is basically a gratuitious car chase so I figured I'd serve fair warning to the readers]

43 Fraternities are gay. I don't mean that as derogatory to homosexuals; they just don't produce anything new. People have been drinking and screwing forever. Have they just given up on originality?

44. Destroying an artist solves nothing. Changing what inspires him is how differences are sculpted.

45. I wonder if my time in the west will really change anything
[page 3 missing]

This next page seems to be missing but I'll keep an eye out for it in the future. The rest of this notebook from what I can tell so far, is going to be transcribed offline. It deals with Aevansiana, also known as the sci-fi epic, and while I don't mind sharing I am not prepared to spoil most of the plot/character development and ruin all the mini climaxes at this point. I end the post with the very first quote from "Fair Coin" which is also taken from the fictional BoL.

Chapter 1: Summer’s End

I reached an open hand to the world and all I felt were raindrops.

-The Book of Life, College

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