Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A herculean act of bullshit...

So I watched some of the Olympics tonight like 490 million other people and the 200m women's run caught my eye. There were 3 top athletes from Jamaica, another 3 from the USA and in a certain lane there was an athlete from Bahrain.

What stood out was that the athlete in question was not wearing the typical track shorts and tank top she was wearing an athletic burka. I'll let that sink in for a second.

She was covered head to toe except for her face and her hands. This means that in the semi finals for all the top athletes on the planet earth this poor soul was force to run a 200m sprint in a ferkin' burka. What incredible contrast to the spirit of competition and the games themselves. Before I go any further let me post a little bio info and a link.

Ruqaya Al Ghasara

Apparently its a hijab not a burka, but that's splitting some pretty fucking thin hairs.

Now I can hear the liberal axe grinders kicking the wheel for pluralism and multi cultural understanding but I cannot in good conscious let it go without comment.

In all the world a mere handful of women can outrun this lady, hell by definition most men would get floored by this lady and see her little white head cover bobbing absurdly as she blazed on by. Tradition is one thing, rigidity of dogma to the point that a truly elite athelete must be constrained to wear the same fundamentalist shame cover of oppressed women all the muslim world over makes me shake with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Imagine if an Amish athlete were going to compete in gymnastics but could not compete in a full skirt. That's a little ridiculous but consider. How pathetic of a culture, a religion and a mindset that even the finest female specimens (from a competitive not a sexual standpoint) has to be shrouded and covered up.

Any further discourse on this subject would be indistinguishable from hacking up bile from the darkest pits of my gut.

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